• St. Helena Residents are Paying for Inept Government Services, Not Water
    Capital facilities need money, but what happened to the money that the taxpayers had already dedicated? A thorough independent examination of the city’s financial practices and infrastructure needs is imperative. The current approach of merely issuing bonds to maintain the status quo is unsustainable and does a disservice to residents. It’s time for transparency, accountability, and meaningful action to address St. Helena’s endemic water management challenges.
  • Water Audit California welcomes California’s “Salmon Strategy”

    “The grand strategy would seem to fit with Water Audit goals….”
    — Dr. Peter Moyle, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California Davis

    On January 30, 2024, Governor Newsom announced California’s Salmon Strategy to restore native fish populations and adapt to climate change. Water Audit California welcomes this policy initiative.

  • Select quotes from preliminary injunction to keep Water in the Kern River
    A selection of quotes from the Kern County Superior Court’s ruling granting a preliminary injunction in Bring Back The Kern v Bakersfield.

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