• Hemphill Dam begins construction of fish passage
    WAC has been able to verify that construction of the Hemphill Dam fish passage is underway. This project is the culmination of a 20-year process involving citizen advocates and regulatory agencies, including litigation by Water Audit California.
  • Napa County sees renewed focus on fish barrier removals
    A push has begun to remove or remediate fish barriers in Napa County. The Napa County Resource Conservation District and Water Audit California have come up with a list of 51 barriers that, if removed, would open up more than 250 miles of spawning habitat.
  • Lake Marie Flows to Provide Improved Fish Habitat
    A settlement agreement ending litigation between the California Department of State Hospitals and Water Audit California that was announced today will improve conditions for fish in Cayetano Creek while allowing Skyline Park visitors to continue to enjoy Lake Marie as a hiking destination. This resolution is representative of two principles: we can manage what we measure, and we can always do better. This settlement is the next step in Water Audit’s Napa Valley remediation program that has so far included securing dam bypasses from Kimball, Rector, Bell Canyon dams, and the removal of obstructions to spawning in Garnet and York Creeks.

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