• “Rewatering Napa’s Rivers”
    The American Bar Association’s Natural Resources & Environment vol 36 no 1 contained “Rewatering Napa’s Rivers” by Karrigan Bork and Amber Manfree. The article describes the history of California’s legislative efforts to protect fisheries, the structural failures which led to non-enforcement, and the role of private entities like Water Audit in effecting the will of the legislature and protecting the rights of the people. Addressing members of the bar association, the authors draw from Water Audit’s experience to suggest “four key insights into creating successful litigation campaigns elsewhere.” Water Audit has secured permission to host this article on its website …
  • WAC published videos of the Napa County Groundwater Sustainability Public Meetings
    If you missed one or both of the Napa County Groundwater Sustainability Public Meetings on September 22nd and September 29, you can now watch them on the Water Audit California website.
  • Re “Fire, Drought and Heat Scorch the Land of Reds and Whites”
    “The current scale of wine production, driven in part by global business interests, is impossible to support as the megadrought continues. It is time to accept this new reality, to get our land use and water policies in order, and to focus on learning from people who are pouring their time, money and energy into finding new and more sustainable ways to live with our changing environment.”

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