Rewatering the Kern River: Water Audit seeks injunction in Kern River lawsuit

On August 10, 2023 a coalition of community advocacy groups filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to return a living river to the City of Bakersfield. The litigation proposes a community alternative will maintain both river and irrigation flows by relocating diversions to downstream of the City.

Honoring Rich Marovich for his 21 Years of Public Service

HONORING RICH MAROVICH ON HIS 21 YEARS OF PUBLIC SERVICE HON. JOHN GARAMENDI of california in the house of representatives Monday, November 7, 2022 Mr. GARAMENDI. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Rich Marovich for his 21 years of service with the Solano County Water Agency. Through his work as streamkeeper of Putah Creek, …

[Court Record] Water Audit files suit against City of St. Helena

Water Audit California is again suing the City of St. Helena over their management of water resources. This comes on the heels of a similar suit filed June 1 against Napa County. Both cases aim to increase monitoring and oversight of groundwater and surface water resources. The full complaint below.

City of Napa: County’s EIR draft “especially disconcerting in a time of extreme drought”

The City of Napa has panned the County of Napa’s Draft Environmental Impact Report for the KJS Investment & Sorrento, Inc. Vineyard Conversion, concluding that “The absence of any real water supply impacts analysis renders the DEIR deficient.” Full document attached.

Joint Statement Regarding the Protection of Public Trust Resources

Water Audit California is pleased to announce that we have reached a settlement of our controversy with the City of St. Helena. It represents a substantial evolution for the City that we both hope will result in a sustainable water future. Water Audit commends the City for its decision to adopt the principles of science …

WAC’s letter to Napa LAFCO requesting time to present Re wildfire control

“As a response to the recent devastating events in Napa County, Water Audit Californiahas expanded our remit to include fire as an essential component of the environment. We havesecured the advice of a leading scholar on the subject and are in the process of assemblinganother outstanding advisory subcommittee.”

WAC’s letter to Napa Planning re Bremer Winery’s application for exception to conservation regulations

“Water Audit has two concerns herein: (1) the preservation of the Napa County streamsetback provision, and (2) the application of proper policies and practices considering environmentalmatters. Water Audit believes that riparian ways should be seen as sacred ground, an essentialfoundation of the community’s environmental health.”

WAC warns Napa County of litigation over winery permitting deregulation

“Water Audit cannot, however, remain silent about the proposed Ordinance, as that legislation that appears to pose a direct threat to interests of the public trust. Recent events and research have elevated our concerns to outright alarm. …We see no discussion in the Board of Supervisor’s record of the impact that these identified new demands …