Water Audit California is an advocate for the public trust, guided by science and long-established legal principles of environmental stewardship.

Water Audit California is guided by credible science. An esteemed scientific panel advises on the viability of watersheds and remediation practices required of trustees.

Water Audit California advances democratic governance, communicating with regulators and elected officials for responsible watershed stewardship policies at every level of government.

Water Audit California has a 100% success rate in correcting deficiencies in trustee operations, often without recourse to litigation.

Water Audit California is a technology innovator leveraging cloud computing and geographic information systems to accumulate and evaluate watersheds statewide.

Water Audit California advances the state of science. It co-sponsored the 2020 Napa Water Forum to disseminate scientific knowledge to stakeholders, and is a proud sponsor of the The Refugia Project watershed survey.

Water Audit California is a private inspector and auditor of reservoir operations in sensitive environments. We ensure adequate stream bypass to support aquatic species.

Water Audit California is a private attorney general, using the judicial process to compel recalcitrant, neglectful and/or unfaithful entities to comply with their public trust obligations.

Water Audit California is a public-benefit corporation, privately-owned and independently-operated since 2016.