2020 Napa Water Forum

In February 2020, a coalition of public interest organizations hosted the 2020 Napa Water Forum, with generous support from leading Napa wineries. The Forum introduced an innovative environmental management strategy. Recognizing the complexity of water allocation in our state, Active Management gives voice to all beneficial users while at the same time recognizing the existential urgency of coming into balance with nature. A panel of distinguished experts spoke on the history of Napa’s relationship with its watercourse, its unique opportunities in the future, the principles of environmental reconciliation, and the highly topical subject of groundwater management and its relationship to surface flows. Two experts on community engagement informed attendees how to arrive at consensus decisions in a Master Class that should perhaps be revisited by the newly formed Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

Water Audit California has now posted a complete record of the proceeding for those who were unable to attend, (or attendees who want a refresher course) including a HD video, a video linked transcript, portraits of attendees, and a downloadable library of supporting documents.