Rich Marovich honored for service to Putah Creek

The annual Winters Salmon Festival and the return of Chinook salmon to Putah Creek is a testament to the tireless efforts and unyielding zeal of Mr. Marovich throughout his career. While his service as Putah Creek’s streamkeeper will surely be missed, Mr. Marovich’s 21 years of service to the conservation of California’s water resources has undoubtedly left a legacy that will last for many years to come. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for Mr. Marovich’s dedicated service to the preservation of Putah Creek and wish him and his family my best as he enters retirement.

Remarks by Rep. John Garamendi of California and Rep. Mike Thompson of California. HONORING RICH MAROVICH ON HIS 21 YEARS OF PUBLIC SERVICE; US Congressional Record Vol. 168, No. 175.

The Winters Salmon Festival, inaugurated in 2016, celebrates the return of Fall-run Chinook to the lower reaches of Putah Creek. In 2022, the festival recognized the man generally acknowledged as being pivotal to the return of the salmon run: Solano County Water Agency’s streamkeeper, Rich Marovich. For 21 years, Rich Marovich led the community of stakeholders and rights-holders to through cooperative projects to restore and protect Putah Creek as an ecological, economic, and community resource. His legacy is an example of successful community watershed stewardship, an inspiration for communities across California.

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