Kern River battles continue as ag districts accuse Bakersfield of pulling off a historic “water heist”

“On Tuesday, a coalition of ag districts filed a motion to stay and motion for reconsideration of Kern County Superior Court Judge Gregory Pulskamp’s injunction and implementation order requiring water in the river. The group, including Kern Delta Water District, Kern County Water Agency and the North Kern, Buena Vista and Rosedale-Rio Bravo water storage districts… are furious the city is using the new fish-flow order to take an additional 180 cubic feet per second for itself that they say is above the city’s existing rights. Beyond that, the city is taking that 180 cfs at the head of the line among rights holders.

“It’s the biggest water heist on the river in the last 100 years,” said Steve Teglia, General Manager of the Kern Delta Water District, which until recently enjoyed the first and most generous right to Kern River water.” [Read More]