Re “Fire, Drought and Heat Scorch the Land of Reds and Whites”

“The current scale of wine production, driven in part by global business interests, is impossible to support as the megadrought continues. It is time to accept this new reality, to get our land use and water policies in order, and to focus on learning from people who are pouring their time, money and energy into finding new and more sustainable ways to live with our changing environment.”

Scorched, Parched, and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

“In Napa Valley, the lush heartland of America’s high-end wine industry, climate change is spelling calamity. Not outwardly: On the main road running through the small town of St. Helena, tourists still stream into wineries with exquisitely appointed tasting rooms. …But drive off the main road, and the vineyards that made this valley famous — …

WAC’s letter to Napa LAFCO requesting time to present Re wildfire control

“As a response to the recent devastating events in Napa County, Water Audit Californiahas expanded our remit to include fire as an essential component of the environment. We havesecured the advice of a leading scholar on the subject and are in the process of assemblinganother outstanding advisory subcommittee.”